Al Moutmir initiative

Al Moutmir provides a multiservice offer to better support farmers

In partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests and through Al Moutmir initiative, the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University of Benguerir mobilizes its team in order to support farmers especially the small ones. It therefore continuously stimulates innovation with the different stakeholders of the agricultural sector to respond with agility to the challenges of agriculture and to help find new adapted and accessible solutions for all.


Launched in September 2018, Al Moutmir is a multiservice offer including innovative and customized solutions to better serve farmers and especially the small ones. This initiative focuses on promoting the best agricultural, technical and governance practices and in particular balanced fertilization as a real lever for improving productivity while preserving natural resources.

Al Moutmir includes best in class products and solutions, agricultural extension services (soil testing, training sessions, demonstration platforms, monitoring and support, etc.), user-friendly technological solutions as well as a capacity building program for farmers, rural women, cooperatives and young leaders. It aims at providing farmers with the tools they need to move from a subsistence to a profitable and a sustainable business. The scientific approach is at the heart of Al Moutmir offer to guarantee the sustainability of the initiative.

From September 2022, Al Moutmir is carried by UM6P in order to further anchor the scientific approach that is the essence of the initiative. The latter will be able to ensure the link between applied research and the agricultural ecosystem in order to contribute to the implementation of sustainable and inclusive agricultural development models.

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Our conviction

Our conviction

We encourage the development of an economically viable and sustainable agriculture!

Our approach


Al Moutmir is based on a participatory and inclusive approach. Teams are permanently  in the field, they connect with the communities, they learn from this close relationships with the ecosystem, which then allows them to develop and implement customized solutions with and for the ecosystem. They thus continuously stimulate the innovation loop with the various stakeholders to respond with agility to the challenges of the ecosystem and bring out new solutions, adapted and affordable to all.