New technologies & digital offers

Digital solutions for a resilient and sustainable agriculture

We are convinced that the use of digital technologies in agriculture, coupled with the expertise of our teams and partners, is one among other solutions to meet the challenges of agriculture and nutrition. New technologies allow the farmer to optimize his resources and to have more information to take the right decision at the right time for a better management of his crop. These technologies also enable the achievement of a significant change in food production by ensuring higher yields as inputs are used to their full potential and of higher quality.
Al Moutmir and its scientific, industry and technology partners are working together to explore the responsible application and adoption of existing technologies, design and scale up new solutions to empower farmers, especially small ones, inspire young leaders to invest in agriculture and include rural women who play a crucial role in agricultural production. Several solutions and services have been developed with and for the farmer and made available to all, everywhere in Morocco and free of charge: Agripedia, a web encyclopedia of agronomic knowledge, @tmar, a mobile extension services application, T@swiq, a mobile application for selling and buying agricultural products and many other user friendly solutions.

The technological offer

The Smart Blender for a close and customized Blend NPK offer

In order to meet the objective of optimizing natural resources and the adequate use of N, P and K nutrients, Al Moutmir introduced Smart Blender technologies in 2018. This technology consists in manufacturing Blend NPK formulas for each agricultural plot based on its own soil testing results. The installation of Smart Blender production units in partnership with the fertilizer manufacturer, distributor and national aggregator partners has enabled the production of Blend NPK fertilizers close to farmers in different provinces.

SoilOptix technology for a better soil mapping

In addition to soil testing carried out in mobile laboratories, and in order to contribute to the development of an intelligent and a more resilient agriculture, Al Moutmir introduced the SoilOptix technology in 2019.
SoilOptix is a technology used for mapping the physical and chemical properties of the soil. The method is based on measurements of gamma radiation (natural), and precisely soil natural radioactive elements. Used in combination with soil soil testing, the SoilOptix measures and maps the physico-chemical properties of soils in order to represent more than 134 points per hectare. 
This technology provides more data points, more definition as well as more detailed soil maps with a double objective of improving yield and optimizing input use.

The digital offer


An agronomic knowledge encyclopedia available for everyone at one click!

A true scientific repository available for free to agronomists, scientists, academics, students and farmers, Agripedia is a web platform that aggregates the agronomic knowledge and facilitates its sharing. Cultural guides, didactic videos and animated illustrations are among the references made available to users according to their needs. Agripedia is available for all and free of charge.

Extension services everywhere in Morocco, for everyone and for free!

In order to extend its local support to all farmers everywhere, Al Moutmir launched in November 2019 the first mobile application for extension services in Morocco.
Developed with and for farmers, @tmar aims to make scientific information available to all, while facilitating decision-making related to their agricultural activity, particularly on the technical, agronomic and economic aspects. 

Accessible to everyone with one click, this application, which meets the real needs and concerns of farmers and especially small holders, offers 7 available services.

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