Participation in the national workshop for monitoring the achievements of the no-till farming program


The Al Moutmir team took part today at INRA in the work of the National Workshop for the monitoring-evaluation of the achievements of the National Program "1 million hectares in direct seeding": Challenges and opportunities for a resilient agriculture in Morocco and which took place at INRA-Rabat. Over 60 people took part in the workshop.
The workshop was a milestone in the monitoring and evaluation of the achievements of the national no-till farming plan, with a presentation of the national direct seeding program run jointly by the DDFP and INRA, a proposal for an action plan and investment program for direct seeding in Morocco, and a presentation of the pilot platform for digital monitoring of direct seeding initiated by INRA, ICARDA (International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas) and the World Bank.

Ms Jamila Adani, Director of Farmer Centricity, took part in the "Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms" workshop. She shared Al Moutmir's experience in direct seeding and the various solutions put in place to monitor and steer the program. At the same time, she reiterated UM6P's support for the national plan and all initiatives aimed at promoting resilient and sustainable agriculture.