The India-Morocco South-South Learning Workshop exchange sisit


The India-Morocco South-South Learning Workshop exchange sisit, organized with the gracious support of African Plant Nutrition Institute (APNI) & ICRISAT, brought together Moroccan scientists and Indian communities to work hand in hand for a sustainable agriculture. The visit focused on small sustainablemechanization, precision nutrient management, soil health, landscape resource conservation innovations, water harvesting, and digital advancements.

This visit facilitated fruitful exchanges and emphasized the importance of collaboration and collective intelligence. Discussions highlighted ongoing projects by Al Moutmir and initiatives in Morocco, underscoring the crucial role of integrated plant nutrition in sustainable agriculture. Scientists gained insights from ICRISAT facilities and explored sustainable farming practices and innovative technologies.

Both India and Morocco, with the support of APNI, ICRISAT and UM6P - Mohammed VI Polytechnic University committed to advancing sustainable practices that will shape the future of agriculture.