The program " UM6P-Al Moutmir of Direct Seeding " reiterates its commitment to the national plan for the promotion of no-till farming


For the 2022-2023 agricultural campaign, in collaboration with MAPMDREF and institutional partners, in particular the Regional Directorates of Agriculture, INRA, ONCA, UM6P-Al Moutmir strengthens its offer and expands the geographical scope of the no-till farming program through the deployment of seeders and their availability to professional agricultural organizations. Thus, seeders are made available to more than 50 professional agricultural organizations (cooperatives, associations, MSEs...) to reach more than 125 localities in 23 provinces of different regions of the kingdom. The UM6P-Al Moutmir no-till farming program plans to achieve more than 25,000 hectares and more than 1,030 no-till farming demonstration platforms will be installed and monitored in collaboration with the various partners. A target crop diversification program is planned to ensure adequate crop rotations. In addition to cereals and legumes, the program targets high-potential crops such as oilseeds, especially in favorable areas, and fodder crops in livestock areas.