The industrial ecosystem

Supporting the shift of the national consumption towards customized and adapted fertilizer


OCP and its ferlizer manufacturer-distributor partners continue to support the sector by supplying the national market with regional NPK fertilizers. 
In fact, OCP supplies the market via its manufacturer-distributor partners within the framework of package contracts of phosphate fertilizers, in addition to potassium and nitrogen fertilizers. The objective is to provide the farmers with fertilizer formulas adapted to their crops and regions in the best conditions. OCP manufacturer-distributor partners, who have the necessary technological, equipment for mixing “Bulk-Blending”, produce these formulas. The latter are based on the recommendations of Morocco Soil Fertility Map.


11 formulas of regional NPK blend fertilizer are now available 


Regional NPK blend fertilizer formulas for Olive trees


Regional NPK blend fertilizer formulas for Pulses


Regional NPK blend fertilizer formulas for Cereals


The Smart Blender for a close and customized Blend NPK offer

The Smart Blender for a close and customized Blend NPK offer

In order to meet the objective of optimizing natural resources and the adequate use of N, P and K nutrients, Al Moutmir introduced Smart Blender technologies in 2018. This technology consists in manufacturing Blend NPK formulas for each agricultural plot based on its own soil testing results. The installation of Smart Blender production units in partnership with the fertilizer manufacturer, distributor and national aggregator partners has enabled the production of Blend NPK fertilizers close to farmers in different provinces.

Retailers program to better serve farmers

Retailers program to better serve farmers

The local retailer, a real influencer of farmers' practices, is a key link in the fertilizer distribution chain. Aware of this important role the fertilizer retailers play in the delivery of fertilizers to farmers and also in the dynamics of promoting best agricultural practices in rural areas, Al Moutmir has set up a dedicated program that aims at strengthening their capacity. It includes:

- the elaboration and the provision of didactic display materials adapted by region and by speculation;
- the equipment of sales points for a better service to farmers;
- the implementation of a continuous training and capacity building program dealing with various topics including the composition and methods of use of the final products as well as the good practices for the manipulation and storage of fertilizers in situ and other trainings related to the management of points of sales.

A range of specialty fertilizer products to enrich the OCP offer

OCP is expanding its range of fertilizer solutions by introducing specialty products.

A new range of soluble fertilizers

A new range of soluble fertilizers

Nutridrop is OCP’s new range of soluble fertilizers to provide farmers with water-soluble solutions that meet the needs of all types of crops. Made in Morocco, Nutridrop MAP is injected into a drip irrigation system like other soluble fertilizer solutions and offers many advantages.





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Slow release nitrogen fertilizer

Slow release nitrogen fertilizer

DURAMON26 is a slow release nitrogen fertilizer based on DURAMON technology developed by Fertinagro.
Produced in Morocco, DURAMON26 promotes, thanks to its innovative process, the valorization of soil nitrogen and fertilizer by crops for an optimal efficiency and a good profitability of nitrogen fertilization. DURAMON26 technology reduces the activity of the urease enzyme, slows the transformation of urea nitrogen into ammonia and increases the time of nitrogen availability.


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