Al Moutmir, a story of trust


The initiative has been working hand in hand with its partners for more than 5 years to contribute, with all the partners involved in agriculture in Morocco, to transform challenges into opportunities and contribute to the well-being of farmers.
Launched in September 2018, the Al Moutmir Initiative has been welcomed with open arms by farmers in more than 40 provinces.  The young agricultural engineers deployed in the field are working hand in hand with farmers, who are the real agent of change. 
Today, Al Moutmir is proud to see the emergence of model farmers, volunteer ambassadors who inspire the communities and create impact. The Al Moutmir team is grateful to all its partners for their trust: scientific institutions (INRA, IAV, ENA and UM6P), the departments of the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, local authorities, our manufacturer-distributors, retailers, professional organizations and farmers.